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1. Classes and Courses I conduct

  • Research Methodologies, Literature Review, Data Collection/Analysis Procedures, Software.
  • Qualitative Research, Data collection and Analytical Methods, NVIVO Software. Writing
  • Academic Writing, Powerful Presentation, Copyright, plagiarism and publishing integrity
  • Environmental Laws & policies, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Ecological Balance
  • Disaster Management, DRR, CCA, Mitigation, f. Rules of Business, Allocation of Business, Secretariat Rules,
  • GO-NGO Relation, Public Representative-Bureaucrat Relation
  • Public Finance Management, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, National Budget, MTBF
  • SDG, 7 th Five Year Plan, Delta Plan,
  • General Finance Rules, Treasury Rules, DDO, Delegation of Powers
  • ICT, E-Governance, Digital Security Act, Cyber Crime
  • Gender related concepts and issues, Human Rights
  • Project and Procurement Management, PPR.
  • Local Government System in Bangladesh, Local Development
  • Poverty Reduction, Understanding Development, and Rural Development
  • Constitution, Public Service Act
  • Corruption, NIS, Good Governance,
  • Political Economy, Politics in Public Fund Distribution
  • Principle of Microeconomics/Macroeconomics
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