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Attended workshops on the following topics arranged by Griffith University

Policy analysis, Financial analysis, Dealing with data, Big Data, Research Methodology, Research Methods, Systematic Literature Review, Systematic Literature Review-2, Qualitative Interview Techniques, STATA advanced, NVIVO advanced, Endnote advanced, SPSS, Referencing tools, Referencing software, Classical vs Bayesian Statistical Modelling, Structural Equation Models, A critical Review of SEM, Qualitative Data Analysis, Formatting Thesis, Academic Writing, Powerful Presentation, Mixing-in Quantitative with Qualitative research, Copyright, plagiarism and publishing integrity, Mind-mapping, Databases for literature search, Proof-reading, Research Design, Qualitative Research Design, Quantitative research Design, Conducting In-depth interviews, Conducting Focus Group Discussion, Ethics and Research Protocols.

Skilled in:

STATA, NVIVO, Endnote, SPSS, referencing tools, Policy analysis, Financial analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Panel data analysis, Regression analysis, Data management, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Systematic Literature Review, EViews, Reviewing journal articles.

Training Received:

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